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Nominated as best CD in the Classical Music Category in “Açorianos Music Award 2011” by the Municipality of Porto Alegre.

Abel Carlevaro  (Montevideo, 1916 Berlín, 2001)
“Concierto del Plata” (1978)
1- I Allegro cómodo
2- II Larghetto, quasi canzone
3- III Allegro spiritoso
(D. Wolff – L. Dearmas)

Guido Santórsola
(Italia 1904- Uruguay 1994)
4- Preludiando (1986)
(D. Wolff)

Eduardo Gilardoni (Uruguay n.1935)
5- “Canción tonta” (Preludio) y Tocatta
(L. Dearmas)

Sergio Fernández Cabrera (Uruguay n. 1962)
6- Dúo para guitarra y clave (1999)
7- “Imágenes Ocultas” (1994-)
(S. Fernández – N. Dearmas)
8- “El jardín de las delicias” (2006)...... 2:54
(N. Dearmas)

BEATRIZ LOCKHART (Uruguay n.1944)
9- “Sureño” (1994)
- del Homenaje a Astor Piazzola .- versión para clave por Nives Dearmas-
(N. Dearmas)

(Uruguay/USA, n.1940)
10- Candombe (1984)
(L. Dearmas)

Marino Rivero (Uruguay 1936 - 2010)
Tres piezas en Forma de Tango (1999)
11- I Recuerdos de Génova - Tango
12- II Charlas de Boliche - Tango elancólico
13- III Bordoneos – Milonga
(Dúo Dearmas)

“Concierto del Plata” – Work of one of the referring musicians of Uruguay, Abel Carlevaro gives his name to this record, which includes the characteristic rhythms  from Río de la Plata : Tango, Milonga and  Candombe.

This album offers a panorama or Uruguayan music from the last four decades.

Guitar and harpsichord, two instruments that, although belonging to different  periods, both have a common mechanism of sound production being plucked instruments. They achieve an excellent  “sound assembly”, challenging the texture and color density.

Not many composers worldwide have written for guitar and harpsichord. Uruguay, where the guitar has its own history and where the great masters have released it through its universal school, is one of the countries where composers have dedicated part of their production to this duo.

Abel Carlevaro, Guido Santórsola and now Sergio Fernández Cabrera, present in this Cd the possibilities that can be achieved with this assembly.